General Script Features

» Build Mainstream and/or Adult Websites
Automagick is prepared for you to build both mainstream or adult websites, as you will find both type of sources.

» Template Driven System
It will be very easy for you to edit and customize your site.

» Multi-Cache System
Speed Up your server up to 500% with this functionality.
The site pages will be saved as .html and be read faster next time.

» Multi-Language Support
Offer your site in as many languages as you wish.
All labels, titles and descriptions will be shown in the propper language
Also, google will grab more pages and consider them as original contents!

» Mobile Version
Automatically detects if the user is browsing in a mobile device and shows the mobile website.

» Search Engine Friendly URLs
The site will show links with a nice format, making Google and other search engines grab many more pages.

» Rotating Banner System
Add unlimited amount of Advertisement Spots, and unlimited banners to each spot.

Balance your server load with external servers for hosting the contents.

» Capability of full Automation!
You are able to configure the script to run 100% automated.
Once done, you just enjoy your free time and check your earnings.

» Easy to monetize!
Several methods to earn money, including: Regular White-Space Ads, Video Pre/Post-Roll Ads, Premium Members Area (Monthly subscriptions), Automatic Sponsor Videos and Channels Promotion.

Front End Features

» Videos Search Engine.

» Videos Browsing by several ways.

» Video Uploads (by the users).

» Videos Being Watched Now.

» Favorite Videos (User Registration Needed).

» Rank/Vote Videos (User Registration Needed).

» Report/Flag Videos.

» Comment Videos (User Registration Needed).
This feature includes a captcha validation to insure against spammers,
and will not allow html content (only tagls like b, i, a and img).

» User Extensive Profiles

» $$$ Premium Videos Section $$$
If you choose to offer premium videos, user will only be able to watch X seconds of the video and then, taken to the payment page. Offer several subscription packages (like 1 day, 1 month, 3 months, etc)
Pre-Installed Paypal Class: Set up and Go.

» Grouping of Videos.
You may arrange all your videos/categories in different container groups.
For example: "Contents for Children", "Contents for Teenagrs", etc.

» Categories Page

» Basic Video Stats on Video Page

» Related Videos on Video Page

» Share Video with others

» Tags Cloud (from searches made by the surfers)

» Tags Archive - To improve Search Engine indexation.

Admin Panel Features

» The most advanced admin panel ever!
Super intuitive, fast, complete and easy to use.

» AJAX Everywhere!
The most dynamic administration tool.

» Videos Module
   - Filtering, Searching Pagination and Ordering
   - Special Filtering (that will make specific searches like videos with warnings, pending tasks or missing things)
   - Help Tips Everywhere.
   - Videos Importer!.
   - Add/Edit/Delete
   - Videos Preview
   - Quick Activation/Deactivation
   - Set Auto Activation Date/Time
   - Set Auto Deactivation Date/Time
   - Check for Broken Videos
   - Smart Recagorization of Videos
   - Automatic Creation of Thumbnails/Preview Images (ffmpeg needed)
   - Manage Video Comments
   - Reset Stats (Views, Favorited times, etc)
   - Automatic Creation of Thumbnails/Preview Images
   - Multiple Warnings for each video.
   - Several Video File Methods (Upload, Download and host, Hotlink)
   - Several Thumnails/Preview Images Files Methods (Upload, Download and host, Hotlink)
   - Video Frames Selector for Preview Image and Thumbnails (ffmpeg needed)
   - Video Titles/Descriptions translation to installed languages.
   - Actions on Multiple Selected Videos
   - Mass Delete of Videos (by Source)
   - Mass Smart Recategorizarion.
   - And lots more of features!

» Categories Module
   - Groups Management
   - Categories Add/Edit/Delete/Translate
   - Move Videos from one category to another.

» Channels Module
One of the multiple ways of promoting contents.
   - Channels Add/Edit/Delete
   - Edit Link URL and Image.

» Sources Module
One of the main features of the script. The chance to grab contents from several sites, including Mainstream, Adult Sites and Adult Sponsors
   - Fast, Secure and Stable: Almost all videos will be read from Automagick's Database, to ensure a optimum flow of data.
   - Optmized system of grabbing videos: No need to update files in case of source's change. It's all automatic.
   - New sources will be added from time to time.

Important Note: As the contents of the sources are not in automagick server, there is no 100% warranty that they will work all the time. Sometimes, the sites change their contents and there is nothing we can do about it. We will do our best effort to keep the sources videos in the best state as possible and fix them quickly.

Click here to see the list of Adult Sponsors working with Automagick

» Users Module
One of the multiple ways of promoting contents.
   - Filtering, Ordering and Searching.
   - Users Add/Edit/Delete
   - Bann Users if needed
   - Set Premium Membership Start and End
   - Send E-Mail to Users (1 or multiple)
   - Avatar Upload and Crop

» Ads Module
The best Banner system you will ever fine in the market.
   - Unlimited amount of Advertisement Spots.
   - Unlimited banners per spot.
   - Super Innovative Weight Assignation System: to make a banner be shown more/less times (in %) than others of the same spot.
   - Preview of Individual Banners as well as the Spot

» Templates Module
   - Selection of Default Template.
   - Selection of Default Style.
   - Automatic Installation of new Templates
   - Edition of the html files. No need to download > edit > upload.
   - Preview of Individual Banners as well as the Spot

» Settings Module
Edition all settings/configuration of the site, well ordered and with several tools to make your life easier.

» Auto Updater Module
One click and you will always have your script up to date.
It's all automatic and you don't need to do anything.

More to Come...

Automagick Tube Script is an always growing project, and you will love all the new features that are being added constantly. You may also request new features, that will be evaluated and placed in a wish list.
We want to offer the best product for you and we will listen to all your needs.

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