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Build Your Tube Site in Minutes!

Automagick Tube Script is the tool that will give you the chance to have your own tube site in minutes.
It has been planned, designed and developed for you to have the best profit with less effort.

You will be able to set it up for working in automated mode, manual mode, or mixing both.
It will fit your needs in any site you wish to build, as it is the most flexible, scalable and reliable tube script in the market.

Feel the Magick of the best Tube Script!

» Mainstream and/or Adult Websites.
» Mobile Version! Fully Customizable!!
» Full Automation Capable! (Set up and enjoy)
» Template Driven System / Fully Customizable.
» Multi-Cache System! Optimizing up to 500%
» Multi-language Engine! Encoding 100% Safe!
» RTMP External Servers! Enhance Server Load!
» Anto-Translations! Making it even easier!
» Search Engine Friendly URLs
» Rotating Thumbnails!
» Preview/Splash Video Image!
» Users Community Features.
» Rotating Banners System.
» Premium Videos / Subscription System ($$$).
» Advertisements in the Videos (pre/post roll).
» Three streaming methods!
» The most complete Administration Panel.
» One tool for each action you need.
» AJAX Everywhere! More dynamic than you can handle.
» Unbreakable Security.
» Grab Videos from several Sources (Sites and $ponsors).
» Multiple Starting Free Themes!
» Auto-Updater System. Never deal with installation packages.
» Free Support for ever!
» Free Updates for ever!

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It will work fine in 99% of the servers just installing it.

» PHP 4.x. or PHP 5.x (both will work fine)
» MySQL 4.x. or above (MySQL 5.5+ much recommended!)
» cURL Lib Installed (most servers have it by default)
» IonCube PHP Loader 4.x or above (most servers have it by default)
» suPHP (Not mandatory, but much recommended!)
» gd2lib (aka GD2) (Installed by default on most the servers).
» Imagemagick (Optional - Installed by default on most the servers).
» FFMPEG (optional, but needed to allow video uploads and use full capabilities of automagick)
» mod_h264_streaming (optional, but needed for pseudostreaming to work. Very recommended.)
» magic_quotes_gpc set to 'On' in php.ini (Mandatory!)
» magic_quotes_runtime set to 'Off' in php.ini (Mandatory!)
» magic_quotes_sybase set to 'Off' in php.ini (Mandatory!)

» Recomended PHP Configuration
- safe_mode off
- memory_limit, upload_max_size and post_max_size greater than max video upload size.

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Prepare yourself to be amazed!

Important Note: The script does not come with any kind of preinstalled video/image contents. All the videos/images you might see in the demo, has been added by the users and Automagick.com is not responsible for them.

Front End Demo:

Administration Panel:
(Username: admin - Password: admin)

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